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of georgetown. >>> investigators are looking for 25-year-old lawrence stuart, ii. he is suspected of throwing homemade pipe bombs into three different houses in staff ford county and in fredericksburg, yesterday. his intended targets were his exgirlfriend and two police officers who previously had arrested him for indecent exposure and domestic violence. >> travel in and around new york no longer at a standstill in the after math of that big storm. but it is sirnly a headache for those trying to get back to work. cars choked the street today despite car pooling orders in place. >> there could be some relief for commuters tomorrow as limited subway service will resume in new york city and all mass transit fares are suspended for the rest of the week. the governor has declared a transportation emergency. and flights will resume on a limited basis out of liguardia airport which will reopen on a limited basis after 7:00. >> halloween did have a different feel this year. people decked out in costumes walking through water during high tide in georgetown. others had to navigate around toppled trees
like we did. tonight we did fight back. >> all right. down a level. georgetown hosting liberty. the hoyas without their star sophomore recovering from a concussion. starks shoots, misses, but no fear. greg witting ton is there for the putback. wittington with a career high 18 points. otto is loving it. wittington x looking like magic johnson dish to lube i can. the hoyas up by 15. georgetown up by 20 in the second half. steven domingo to smith. rivera, georgetown, wins it. 68-59 the final. they're now 2-0 on the season. >>> redskins cornerback, deangelo hall getting fined $30,000 for his verbal spat with an official during the steelers game. now, he won't be suspended. the secondary preparing to face an unknown commodity in nick foles this weekend. michael vick likely out with a concussion. the skins ready for foals who has thrown 32 career nfl passes. >> this kid is in this league for a reason. he's waiting for a chance to play. just so happens it comes -- came a little bit last week. watched the film to see how he did. our coaches coached him in the senior -- the kid can make
looks pretty good. divide, still a right. utility work in georgetown at street andection canal road and the key bridge, georgetown, you will see the road work on the right turn on affecting your to the key bridge. we will let you know when that gets cleared away. back to you. >> thank you. first, the search continues for the-month-old girl at center of an amber alert in virginia. a dealer to issued thursday after alexis carlyle halifax county in southern virginia. the think she could be in morning withs these two people. eric black and decker for carlyle. investigators have not released the suspects know the toddler. jennifer carlisle. they may be driving in a brown nissan station wagon with the virginia license plate. if you know anything, call police. capitol hill, that's where former cia director david petraeus will testify today before a house committee. aboutwill be questioned on the u.s.attack that killed libya americans. john gonzalez has a look ahead >> . the general is expected to give timeline before and during the attacks. the question this morning on hill, can he keep hi
for the content of this ad. >>> d.c. police were out in full force for the am georgetown halloween festivities. they made their presence felt early and often to keep things from getting out of control to avoid a scene like this one last year what a shooting marred the celebration. audrey barnes is live right now. >> reporter: you can see over my shoulder that there are a lot of police out here. they are determined to stay ahead of any troublemakers. here is the real story of georgetown halloween. all the revelers determined to have fun, under the watchful eye of d.c. plays who want to make sure that all the visitors get home safely. >> happy halloween. >> the party atmosphere was in full force in georgetown. people wearing costumes. >> aim bumblebee. >> do you have any special super powers? >> not tonight. >> happy halloween. >> first timers said it was definitely worth the trip. >> we hear that people wear a lot of cool costumes and everybody is really friendly so we decided to come and check it out four ourselves. >> d.c. police made their presence felt early. no one was allowed to stay in o
. >> reporter: the party atmosphere was in full force in georgetown. people wearing the best costumes were treated like celebrities being stalked by the paparazzi. >> what are you tonight? >> bumblebee. >> do you have any special superpowers. >> not tonight. >> happy halloween. >> reporter: first timers like the reed family from prince george's county said it was worth the trip. >> we heard everybody wears a lot of cool costumes down here and everybody is really friendly. we decided to check it out for ourselves. >> reporter: d.c. police made their presence felt early. no one was allowed to stay in one place too long. >> we are a large group congregating. we got a little issue here. >> reporter: even though mounted police were here to watch the crowd too, they still had some fun with it. tina morris' family moved here from tennessee and came down to see the festivities for themselves. why georgetown? >> they said this was the busiest and scariest place to be. so i came. >> i was expecting more. >> reporter: those who did venture down said there is nothing quite like a georgetown halloween.
, raised with his sister outside philadelphia, didn't act until he years at georgetown. and wasn't ticketed for the a-list. >> i have never walked through my life having to deal with, oh, he's just too good looking. was not the handsome [ bleep ], you know? a lot of the feedback was, brad, what a nice guy. he's just, yeah. no edge. just not go edge. i was bummed out by that. >> reporter: in fact, set the way back machine to 2002 and you'll find his first hollywood role, alongside jennifer garner in "alias." >> what i said before about not trusting you -- >> don't worry about it. >> reporter: everybody loved will tippen. >> not when he was on there. >> reporter: back then, cooper would check out those newfangled "alias" message boards. even now, he hasn't forgotten what they were saying. >> who is this guy? he needs to take a shower and god please don't let sydney wind up with him. i was like, oh, my god. next thing you nope, "the new york times" does an article on mesle saj boards and cites my character as a hated character. >> can't somebody say, let's be positive, let's have a good ending
at 67 and the next chance of showers is late monday into tuesday. >>> coming up, the georgetown hoop seemed prepared for the game of a lifetime. scott smith has the latest on georgetown skids, d.c. united and an update on john wall next. >>> eight -- . >> eight-year-old sam gordon is a football phenom and plays on the boy's youth football team in salt lake city and she's good. lack at her go. game after game. and all of the way to the end zone. scored 35 touches. running more than 1,000 yards. and 65 tackles. making her qualify to play for the redskins. today. today. [ knocking ] oh, no, i got to go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, nobody has time to get sick. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. you guys want to go to the park? yeah! yeah! minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs/pharmacy. accepts united healthcare benefit plans. find a clinic near you at . >>> to
. hello. we're georgetown and we approve this message. let me say a few words about some other fine schools you might be considering. u.v.a. thomas jefferson. what have they done to you? syracuse. a school whose mascot is a fruit. [applause] >> duke! hold it. duke, a school that worships the devil. [laughter] >> georgetown. you're -- you remember the other guy? everyone knows god is catholic, right? two words. frank sinatra. that proves it. [laughter] it's ok. anyway, i've been hanging out with politicians more than i should admit, but i guess i don't really get these ads and i don't really understand politics in that form, actually. i'd like to hear attack ads on things worth attacking. if there was an attacked a on malaria, i'd get that, because 3 million people die every day mostly children. i get that. choose your enemies carefully, because they define you. make sure they are interesting enough because trust me, you're going to spend a lot of time in their company, so let's pick a worthwhile enemy, shall we? and how about the world's potential. i would suggest to you the biggest
. gettysburg college ba. georgetown university, m.d. and georgetown university medical school, associate professor, ten years. george washington -niversity, clinical professor of neurology, ten years. 14 books, including most recently mysteries of the mind. richard martin restak. >> dr. restak, you have had quite an extraordinary career. first of all, you taught at georgetown. >> yes. >> then you abandoned the jesuits or did they dump you? then you moved over to g.w. >> yes. >> do you still teach inta at georgetown? >> i'm in the faculty but spend most of my tim at g.w. >> okay. i have that number, by the way, and england and wales, out of every millionth person born alive in 1880, only 223 could expect to be alive 100 years later. 1880. so that's 112 years from now. 110, about that. for those born in 1990, out of one million people, 8,710 can expect to be alive 100 years later, 40 times greater. infants born in 2025 can expect to live 100 years. >> well, we should have cancer and heart disease, the big killers, under better control by that time, because people don't really die of brain
. >>> a popular musician and activist addressed a crowd at georgetown university tonight. u2's bono challenged the students to focus on social enterprise. fox 5's lauren demarco has the story. >> reporter: an exciting night on campus near georgetown. more than 700 students in attendance at school of business along with plenty of vips including you 2's front man bono who delivered the key address talking about social enterprise and the impacts social media can have as far as change. his main message, there is no them, only us. >> what am i doing in healey hall? i could be down having my third pint at the tombs. >> reporter: bono taking the stage immediately be a sense of comradery with the communities of georgetown university. his message to them was clear. the age of social media and 10 is providing what he sees -- and technology is providing what he sees as an unprecedented opportunity. >> not just facebook in the heat of tahrir square, but the peaceful march across the world of mobile phones, across the parched land of the sahara and dense rainforest of the congo. technology is transformin
's home to some of the most expensive real estate in the country. so some people living in georgetown weren't too happy when what they call ugly cable boxes popped up along the sidewalks. turns out no big surprise. those boxes were put there by comcast, but as fox 5's matt ackland reports, public outcry prompted comcast to do something. >> reporter: georgetown is known for its historic narrow streets and sidewalks. some homes sit very close to the curb. >> we have very shallow sidewalks, so it's really -- that's really the issue. >> reporter: it's not surprising when comcast started putting up big utility boxes right on the sidewalks, well, the neighbors didn't like it. it just didn't look good. >> a friend of mine started commenting on it. i first noticed it and basically agreed with him that if that was placed in front of my house, i wouldn't want it. >> reporter: it's mandatory all changes to the way things look in georgetown go through a review process. residents say that wasn't done. some aren't so concerned about the utility boxes in busy retail areas, just not the middle of
to the discussion is just under two hours. >> thank you all for being here this afternoon, and welcome to georgetown university. we've come together today for a special conversation, a conversation between top diplomats, past and present, each of whom has played a significant role in u.s. asia relations over the past two decades. with representatives from the administrations of george h. w. bush through the current administration of barack obama, our guest speakers today offer their expertise and experience as a look back on the use of service and look forward to the future of u.s.-asia relations. wish to offer my gratitude to georgetown's asian studies program, our school of foreign service, and the korea economic institute who have partnered to bring together some of our countries most respected minds on foreign policy and asia. we are deeply grateful to doctor victor cha a professor in government and asian studies and director of asian studies here in georgetown. carol lancaster, our dean of the school of foreign service, and doctor abraham kim, the interim president of the korea economic institu
first time opening for u2. i am a second-tier candidates at the business school here at georgetown university. thank you. a few years ago when i was going through the process of figuring out what business school and wanted to go to, it was georgetown that continued -- georgetown's commitment to social enterprises that drew me to this program. i'm so proud to now be a member of the global social enterprise initiative. this has really opened up opportunities for me to not on the interact with leaders but also learn from them and learn how to do good business, do them well, and do it in a socially conscious manner. many leaderso have here with us. we also have another of leaders from the social enterprise initiative sitting in the front. i would like to think our founding partner for coasting tonight on behalf of all of us. but also like to take this opportunity to think the other leaders in this room tonight. you have all enriched our mba experience. especially the executive director of global social enterprise initiatives. i plan to take much of what i learned from the an active mem
. he talks about it all the time. it is not go to the university of arkansas, he goes to georgetown. and from georgetown he becomes the arkansas candidate for the rhodes scholarship and goes to oxford. he is an incredible success everywhere, but he cannot have a sustained ongoing relationship with a woman. he is attracted to the kind of women his mother directs him to, who are the beauty queens, who are the ones who are flirtatious, who are attractive, and that's really where his eyes have been. until he comes back to you law school. there he meets hillary brought them. >> you can watch this and other programs online at o
night out. nick. . [ no audio ] >> reporter: hallown at georgetown for most people. >> justin bieber. >> reporter: is adult's version of all hallow's eve. >> i originally wasn't planning oncoming out because i thought it was going to be miserable. >> reporter: halloween hasn't gone to the adults, though. it's still a kids night. they arranged a parade, trick-or-treating and a contest for humans and canines. and everybody business has been so wonderful. they're really excited to be part of the community. >> we actually take them to the grocery store down the street and the women there get to call him the doughboy because he is so fat. >> reporter: in lesli heights, arts. >> it takes about an hour per pumpkin. >> reporter: she has been carving for almost 10 years. she gets a request for her jack-o-lanterns every year but refuses to make a business of it. >> this is for me a hobby. . >> very artistic and i think it would take a lot of time. >> reporter: and what is even better than beyond brilliant. the fact that we can do any of this at all. >> this girl wouldn't let me go out in the h
. >> gets off to a great start as georgetown raises the curtain on the season. up next with sports edge. >>> a french dare devil goes swimming with sharks. plunged into a tank with 25 sharks. the diver says it was not a publicitiy stunt. sharks have more reason to fear us than we do them.  >>> the redskins use their long break to prepare for the short week. they play two games in the next ten days. off to dallas for thanksgiving on thursday. the coaches with a head start on the game planning and a list of injured players may be shrinking. he was imited. the right foot is still not 100 pirs and there was pain -- 100% and there was pain there. outlook is better for maryweather. is expected to make his debut this week. today was jamal brown's first practice of the year. he was on the physical unable to perform list since under going hip surgery. the skins have two weeks to make a decision on whether to activate him or not. >> i'm eager to see after a week or so how it feels. i feel good. it was a great day for me. went in and got extra work that was limiting me a li
anticipated games of the early season and georgetown, anchors away, my boys, not exactly but close. the u.s. navy warship next. and now 9 sports with dave owens. >> tonight one of the coolest nights you're going to see in college hoops, first maryland, the terps versus the kentucky wildcats in brooklyn's new arena, yeah, that kentucky that seems to reload with freshmen of year, a good barometer for maryland who got a big boost this week when the ncaa dealed d es wells eligible to play and we'll look at keyshawn howard who was poised to have a breakout year last year. now he's coming back from a broken foot, long road back. >> once you get back into the flow it's all bing. you do a lot of work in rehab -- all instinct. you do a lot of work in rehab. i can't think about it. i just play. i'm trying to get back into a rhythm and make sure i can help my team out as much as possible. >> that's not the only game in town. this is the uss baton here being an amphibious assault ship in jacksonville, florida, where georgetown plays florida gators tonight. the u.s. navy transforming its warship into
are told that classes -- all the classes will resume this morning. >>> a colorful scene in georgetown last night. the annual halloween festivities. we'll show you pictures of that, some video coming up next. >> plus, the candy didn't come easy for these trick or treaters. hear how one woman put them to the test before handing over the candy. this sounds like your house, wisdom. >> mine is worse. we had a good d group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard. i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health care. mainly i was thinking about my family. how am i going to take care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >>> welcome back to fox 5 morning news. live look outside right now at reagan national airport. we're still have trying to get things back to normal here in the d.c. region after hurricane sandy. it seems like it has
. >>> we mentioned yesterday that bono spoke at georgetown university monday night. >> while he addressed serious global issues while there, he showed a little comedy too, including congratulating the audience of finally being done with those campaign ads. >> could you imagine what it would be like if we did this for everything all the time, attack ad abouts tv shows -- ads about tv shows, rival smartphone companies, college admissions? hello, we're georgetown and we approve this message. let me say a few words about some other fine schools you might be considering. uva, thomas jefferson, what have they done to you? syracuse, a school whose mascot is a fruit. [ applause ] >> duke. hold it. hold it. duke, a school that worships the devil. [ laughter [ ?cht. >> georgetown, you're in with the other guy. georgetown has god on its side. everyone knows god is a catholic, right? two words: frank sinatra. that proves it. >> he was having fun there. he also referred to having a couple of pints at the local famous bar. very cool. >> very funny. frank sinatra, two words. >>> you're watching 9news no
? >> i was student at georgetownes university where i later taughte for about twenty five years as , an adjunct i'm teaching now atgo the university of miami. i was attracted to the foreigner service school at georgetown. it was a timeja when a lot of us of my generation were inspired h by jack kennedy's ask not ca speech. ask not what your country for de your country but what you can do for your country. i devoted a long time, third five yciears to national servicm >> were you recruited by the cia at georgetown.>> >> i threw myself at them. [laughter] your book called castro's secrets. if you would describe the cia o. cuba or the secret police whatever you worked with down there. >> well,, you know, i guess one of the major findings of the in book is that cuban intelligence be service beginning in the early 1960s very quickly became one of the four or five best in the world. rieling the cia, the kgb. t the israeli service to which the cuban service was modeled on ths israel service. neeng small countries at danger urgentlily needing the cubanurnt revolution like the israel gove
? georgetown, george washington university, or american university? >> georgetown. >> how did you know that? >> i guessed. [ laughter ] >> and she's honest. so georgetown is the spot, huh? >> i think for that honesty she should get the prize and the kathie lee cd. this movie was nominated for ten academy awards. a lot of horror films don't get that attention. mark freidkin directed, also directed "the french connection "so it had a real pedigree. >> thank you for coming to see us on this halloween. good luck getting your issues out. i know you will do it. >>> up next, our girl, bobbie thomas is here to keep you ahead of the fashion curve. she will join me and klg right after this. ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪ ♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪ ♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help fight breast cancer today. ♪ throughout our lives. one a
's take two for the hoyas, georgetown basketball hits the hardwood after friday's strange ending to the season's tip-off. scott is up next. >> today temperatures again well above seasonal, but look at the variance in the country. we've got some cooler air on the backside and, folks, it's heading our way. i'll have the details. stay with us. we'll be back after the break. oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa, and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >>> we're talking college hoops and something pretty cool. >> interesting conditions for them. >> yeah. on friday, yes, certainly interesting conditions any time you can play out in the middle of the ocean. that's a unique environment, but not today. they were in board safely. if you've ever played hoops on board an aircraft carrier or had a basketball gam
the negative attention? i'm sitting down with a professor at georgetown university who is the author of the new book, leaving on top. his tips ahead for leaving gracefully, whether you're under fire or not. >> what happens if you're involved in a scandal? your home may become a tourist destination. we'll explain after the break. t's 9:09 now. 44degrees on a friday morning.     >>> the home of the woman linked to the scannal involving david petraeus and his mistress have become somewhat of a tourist highlight. people have been flocking to jill kelly's house in tampa, florida. people stopped by to snap pictures or wait for a glimpse of kelly. >> this is news, because -- [inaudible] >> it's like the real housewives of tampa. >> kelley is considered a socialite in tampa. she approached the fbi in june about threatening e-mail from petraeus' mitt trespass paula broadwell. the fbi uncovered the e-mails between kelly and john allen, the top commander in afghanistan. tony? >>> thank you. whether they've been forced out or leaving voluntarily, leaders in business, gover
. if it is remarkable. 3:30 p.m. eastern tomorrow. later in georgetown, bono talking and as social movements like his project red campaign. covered at 6:00 p.m. eastern. about voterk demographics in this year's election as a part of the national journal's day after the election conference. from washington, this is 35 minutes. >> it if you wanted to study predicate to see how this is a change in american politics, you could not have done a better than last night which i think we will look back at a political but also social and cultural milestone when they look in the mirror and says we are a different place than we used to be. we have a terrific panel. we will look at the implications of this, the two parties, for our economy, and for the society, but i want to start with three numbers that seemed to encapsulate the elections. 80, 39, 28. barack obama 180% of the combined the the minority voters, which -- barack obama won 80% of the combined minority voters. mitt romney, in losing, have the best showing among white male voters. will delve into this from every possible angle, but let me start with you
effect until 2:00 this afternoon for the district, especially around georgetown alexandria, even prince george's and fairfax county. yesterday the tide it made it up to 2.3 feet, which is still considered a minor flooding there. minor flooding yesterday evening at 9:00 p.m. november 1, the night after halloween, i like to bring you a halloween photo. this is from brian smith and gavin lunscombe. i guess he typically wears bright colors. his nickname is schedules. there is scott bain and his son. we will have plenty more to share with the throughout the morning. >> i love it. we see a couple of people starting to get out and about our early bird like to call them. northbound 95 everybody is pushing north out of dale city, we have light volume here. a crash on 395 southbound by duke street. a fire affecting fourth street at north street. that also means third and at florida you will find a lot of activity. a roundabout way, they are wrapping up the construction. if you are near rte. 7 and gallows road. ridge road was closed each way. that is for on going utility repair. >> 4:11 right now.
maryland. ocean city, they are getting the rain right now. georgetown as well. these guys are starting to clear out and that is what we expect. to change in weather patterns so quickly here. first we had sleet, and now the sunshine is coming back. this is what surprised a lot of people. we were above freezing all afternoon, and yet we got some of that frozen precipitation. that is because just above the surface, it was cold enough for some of the rain to freeze into what we call an ice pellet. here's what we're looking at. 45 at the airport. we expect temperatures to warm a little bit more into the afternoon. lookout cold it is in western maryland right now. that is that cold air coming behind the sunshine, and this marine layer is moving off shore. with that sun behind it, a large area of high pressure will build in, and that will bring us an area of high pressure for the next few days. you can really see that in the national picture, that blue sheeting dipping down into kentucky and tennessee. a very cold air coming in behind this front and it will stick around for quite some time. t
that matters. a long as they try to do the right thing, that is what the coaches look for. >> georgetown is kicking off another season tonight in jacksonville fla. the aircraft carrier game was so popular they inspired three more of them this year. they will play the 10th ranked university of florida at 9:00. florida alum would likely be watching his gators but he is back at home at work. the wizards are 0-3. they're staying in the game and forcing overtime. he picked up a career high 16 points and he credited paul piuerce -- pierce for sparking his play. >> i have felt more confident that any other game. we're just having fun and playing ball. >> johnson will reportedly be back to manage the nationals next season. at the early playoff exit this season, there is still unfinished business before he retires. i think we would all agree. if you are not a soccer fan, you missed out. check out this goal last night. keeping him on inside, across the body one time. that is all they would need. three minutes left, they get the gold beating new york 1-0. there in houston in gearing up for the east
. >> a lot of stuff. big night sports. wizards look for their first win this season. georgetown and maryland open tonight. the terps open against kentucky. this one went down to the wire. we'll show you how it turned out. next in sports. >> and what a great effort tonight by the university of maryland basketball team up taking on number three kentucky and they gave number three all they could handle. the terp's number one center. remember him? he's great tonight. the spin, the soft touch, banks it in. maryland takes a lead. howard dribbling a bit too much. up 3 at the buzzer no good. kentucky holds on to edge maryland. john thompson's guys, starting their season tonight they open up on an air craft carrier. anchored in jacksonville, florida. a home game of sports for the florida gators. starts with the jumper. florida had the early lead but maybe it wasn't such a good idea to play that game on the ship. the took on water.ry to play. they stopped the play and canceled the game. how about george mason. all they did tonight was shock virginia. this one in f
. advisory. it's for the district of columbia, around georgetown, a coastal flood advisory until midnight. tide at 10:37 this evening. water levels will be 1.5 feet normal outside, nothing unusual and for a big rainfall event in the area. that's the only flood advisory have to speak of at the . live super doppler 7 radar , areas of green, especially fairfax county from burke springfield and across potomac, prince george's , south of bowie, just a sprinkles. also, frederick county, east of highway 15 and around winchester as well. r screen.s on the rada midday sprinkles. they will be pretty short-lived. then a few sunny breaks this afternoon, temperatures in the low 50's. a few of us, mid 50's. >> thanks so much. the following breaking news. scandal at penn state. criminal charges being filed former university spanier. graham chris van cleve is in the newsroom following the story. online court records confirm former president perjuryds accused of children inr and the jerry sandusky scandal. he was also charged with obstruction and conspiracy. two other former penn state employees also face
. thanks a lot. [applause] bono speaking to georgetown university about social movements. and later a colombia university conference looking at gender issues and the 2012 elections. i enjoy watching booktv and the rebroadcast of, you know, various television news programs. >> c-span coverage of with event and the sound byte and the editing you see in other programs and it gives me an opportunity consume the news information and make my own mind up about what is going on. senior activist bono visited georgetown university to talk about d -- promote human or viecialt tal well being. he's the cofounders of the product red campaign. take a portion of sales from the consumer goods to fight aids, tuberculosis, and hiv in africa. this is just under an hour. [applause] thank you very much. thank you, bryan. and gentleman in the world where that quality is not always on tap. a special man. we're thrilled, the band are thrilled they want me to say thank you to you also, bryan, because the band have committed, as you heard, to the idea that every school kid will have access to free music by if
residents in every state to secede from the united states. a georgetown university law professor is our guest. "washington journal" is next. host: federal officials including lawmakers on capitol hill are looking at how to slash wait times and possibly boost early voting. that will be hours subject for the first section of this edition of "the washington journal." for the first 45 minutes we will be talking to you about remedies to speed up the voting process. the numbers are on the screen. you can reach out to us by social media. @cspanwj. the conversation constantly going on on facebook -- we begin this morning with a look at the lead story in "the baltimore sun." pushed to speed of voting processes is the headline. he writes -- we want to find out from you, our viewers and listeners, your thoughts and remedies on speeding up the voting process. more from the article in "the baltimore sun." the article goes on to talk about a bill being proposed by virginia by senator mark warner. it says -- we would like to show you a little bit more about what the presiden
'll look at it in detail coming up in the full forecast. >> coming up in sports can georgetown and maryland pull off the upsets of two top 10 teams? and on the nba hardwood tempers flare between the wizards and bucks. we'll explain why later in sports. >> is in fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  hey! y, baby. [ starts car ] were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! no. could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts' smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's deliciously irresistible. hurry in today. the smoked sausage breakfast sandwich is only at dunkin' donuts for a limited time. grab one today. >>> welcome back. they fought for our country and now they need their country to fight for them. homeless vets are getting some help in d.c. this weekend. fox 5's beth parker has that story. >> reporter: with the slam of a door they begin a journey. rosslyn isn't just looking for an apartment. she's starting over. >> there were times i slept in my car and the worst thing was where do you go to the restroom when you need to? >> reporter: this person
tonight. georgetown is taking part in what has quickly become a veterans day tradition. the carrier classic. the hoyas will take on the tenth ranked florida gators aboard the aircraft carrier "uss baton" in jacksonville, florida. georgetown climbed into the top ten last season but will likely have to battle harder to make it back this year. there's not a single senior and only two juniors, making for a very young squad. >>> the terps kick off their season against the defending national champs, number three, kentucky. maryland has some of its best scorers returning. they also just learned that transfer dez wells will be able to play this season. tip-off at 8:30 tonight in brooklyn. >>> you know what this means? months of me saying go terps, aaron. aren't you so excited? >> we wouldn't have it any other way. i always love your excitement. >> very exciting on so many fronts. very cool. >>> your time right now is 4:54. >> next, the d.c. mother's baby delivery that just could not wait until she got to the >>> welcome back at 4:57. just days before veterans day, a four day long ceremony i
%. >>> the georgetown hoyas getting ready for a showdown at ue a military assault ship. that is coming up next. >>> plus, the d.c. united are a step closer to playing for all the marbles. sports breakfast coming up. ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. >>> sports breakfast now. soccer is the first course for you. d.c. united beat the new york red bulls last night in dramatic fashion. the game was scoreless going into the # 7th minute from rick deleon gets it in the goal. -- in the 87th minute. united gets the win. >>> in basketball, check this out. the makeover of the u.s.s. bataan off the coast of jacksonville, florida. the amphibious assault ship plays host to georgetown and florida basketball later on today for the navy marine corps classic. this is video of crews electing bleachers and laying down a hard wood floor. >> this is a privileg
. >> he wasn't there to perform. up next, details about his challenge to students at georgetown university. stay with us. we'll be right back. >>> bono challenged students to focus on social enterprise. >> willmar has the story for us. >> reporter: an exciting night on campus here in georgetown. more than 700 students in attendance along with plenty of vips including u2's fronted man bono. he delivered the key address and talked about social enterprise and the impacted that social media can have as far as change across the world. his main message, there is no them, only us. >> what am i doing in healey hall? i could be down having my third pint at the tunes. >> reporter: bono taking the stage immediately building a sense of camaraderie with the students. his message was clear. the age of social media and technology is providing what he sees as an unprecedented opportunity. >> not just facebook in the heat of tahrir square but the peaceful march across the world of mobile phones, across the parch land and the dense rain forest of the congo, t
that should be cleared and all your lanes are open. over to georgetown on the inbound side of canal road, right here at the key bridge. water main work all the cones are set up so that it's a bit of a weird and tight squeeze heading arnold it trying to get on to the bridge span. actually both directions of the bridge span on the key bridge near georgetown. so keep that in mind for the travel plans especially as the rush hour progresses. back to the maps this time head over to southern maryland. right 4, route 50 -- route 4, route 5, route 301. everything is fine headed for the beltday and oxon hill. the branch avenue the lanes are open. i'll be back with more coming up. back to you mike. >>> thank you monika. it is 4:50 now. state governments have been granted an extension on the deadline for the new health care law. today had been the deadline for state governments to decide whether or not they would set up a health insurance exchange. well that next step in the health care reform law is the exchange. they allow people in small businesses to access an online market to find more affordab
road approaching the georgetown pike. georgetown pike open for business. we have fire and rescue responding to the scene. no problems on route 7 headed east. slowest trips inbound in the west is the commute along 66. backing up in manassas. delays to about 20 miles per hour here at fair oaks eastbound towards 123. about 20 miles per hour there. back up above speed, almost 60 miles per hour heading towards the capitol beltway. we have a lot of police presence in this area of 18 th what remains closed is m street between 18th and 19th. also jefferson place blocked off between connecticut and 19th until further notice. top stretch of the beltway, no problems leaving college park to 270. we're receiving word all the activity downtown in that area of jefferson place, m street and 18th street has been reopened. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> we want to go back to the breaking news we told you about, an armed robbery this morning. there were two robbery victims who were held up in the 1800 block of jefferson place northwest. that's right where connecticut avenue hit
we teach or when i teach international relations here in at georgetown after we read the book about the war, one of the things i tell the students is that the most important unanswered question in international relations steady how the international system deals with the rise much china. it will affect the way we study ir in next generation. how well do you think the united states has cancel with the rise of china over the years, and what have you learned from each other from past experiences about daling with china? kurt, why don't we start with you. >> thanks, victor. it's a great question, a hard question. already our colleagues have touched on elements it. i'll give you my take. i believe it will be the most consequence issue foreign pots we will face. much more difficult than any relationship we had in the proceeding years. largely because of the complexity. largely because it em compasses every element of state craft, of economic intercourse of people to people to diplomacy and indeed hard core trait strategy. it will be vexing and challenging. it does not do us a service, i a
"the milwaukee journal- sentinel." >> we're live at georgetown university in washington for a discussion on u.s. policy toward asia in the next administration. we will hear from the current assistant secretary of state for east asia and men who served in the nixon, ford, reagan, and bush administrations. this is expected to get underway shortly. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> some of the speakers we will hear from, kurt campbell, the assistant secretary of state for east asian and pacific affairs, also former ambassador cristobal hill, winston lord, and richard solomon. as we wait for these discussions, our coverage later island debateode for the first district of the house. live tonight at 7:30 eastern on c-span. tonight also, president obama holds a rally at the university of colorado at boulder. that is at 9:00 eastern t ime. we will also listen to your phone calls after that rally. our live coverage at georgetown university is starting a little bit late. we are expecting to hear from
about it all the time. he goes to georgetown and from georgetown he becomes a candidate for a rhodes fellowship and goes to -- he cannot have a sustained ongoing relationship with a woman. he is attracted to the kind of women his mother directs him to gore the beauty queens, who are the ones who are flirtatious and who are attractive and that is really where his eyes had been. and tell the goes to yale law school. there he meets hillary rodham. >> you can watch this and other programs on line at now on booktv, nicole eustace examines the effects the war of 1812 had on american politics and patriotism. the author reports at the end of the three year war resulted in the quote era of good feelings marked by defuse partisanship and greater nationalism. it's a little over an hour. [applause] >> thank you very much for that introduction and thank you to the david library for hosting me. to real it's a real pleasure to be here and to see all of you this afternoon. thank you. the title of my talk this afternoon is love and honor in 1812, patriotism and popular culture in the new
until his years at georgetown. and wasn't ticketed for the a list. >> i have never walked through my life having to deal with, ah, he is just too good looking. it was not the handsome [ bleep ]. a lot of the feedback, brad, what a nice guy. yeah, no edge. he's got no edge. i was really bummed out by that. >> reporter: now at 37 he is going deep. >> how is your thing going, dancing thing? >> it's good. how is your restraining order. >> i wouldn't call the restraining order my thing. >> starring alongside jennifer lawrence in what could be career altering roelles for them both. a part he nearly spurned. >> i'm from philly, italian, irish, huge eagles fans. his parnlents are like my paren in many ways. i thought i am not right. >> despite the parallels? >> the was fear. >> is it -- >> i never cried on film. >> reporter: heap does that and more, as straight out of the asylum pat, eager to win back his wife and a joust with the father played by robert de niro. the film is buzz add but for end of the year award, such to some minds, cooper enjoyed ultimate acclaim while shooting the movie h
. georgetown and tust universities school of medicine instructor in pediatrics, 3 years. the permanent medical group. multiple leadership roles including chief of pediatrics and associate executive director. 29 years all together and currently. hobbies, hiking. sharon levine. >> sharon levine, we are joined by vicki got lick, senior policy attorney for the center of medicare advocacy. are thru? >> i am. good morning. >> vicki, do you have thoughts on what we've been saying so far about the cost implications of by lodgics versus traditional drugs or any aspects of the conversation thus far? >> i have a lot of conthoughts about your conversation. cost is a very important factor and cost very often will cause the population not to be able to afford the drugs. even if they have drug coverage for a biopharmaceutical, very often the copayments are so high that people can't afford the copayments. people are bankrupting themselves in order to get these needed medications and it would be very useful if they could in fac have a generic version if a generic version were available. and in some instances w
are at in georgetown wtop reports there is minor flooding in alexandria, but nothing compared to what we sat down there last night. one more high tide we have to morning in tomorrow the 10:00 hour. authorities will keep a close potential flooding. after that they say we should in the clearest as flooding goes from sandy. tom roussey, abc 7 years. >> thank you. 11:00, parts of western maryland by snow thatmeled than 2 feet of snow. at last check, 80% of garrett are withoutents power. there is a shelter in oakland, maryland. life has returned to normal for most of us, the situation returns see -- remain serious in new york city and new is justs the cleanup beginning. new york city michael bloomberg damage and staten island. than 500,000 customers in york city remained without power. recovery.signs of three subway lines are expected tomorrow. the past hour, new york reduced andrew cuomo bus fares for the rest of the week. cannot thank the rest of -- the president enough. >> governor chris christie personally thank president obama for his help. they met with concerned lost their homes. nucleus remain
've got to confront me." >> okay, everybody ready for pi today? >> reporter: at georgetown university, professor barbara mujica's freshman seminar on faith, fiction and film is studying the life of pi. the story has become a fixture in comparative religion courses for college students across the country. >> like god, reason is used to conceptualize things that you don't understand. >> this book really resonates with them. first of all it's about a young person, just a few years younger than they are. it's a book that doesn't preach any religion. i think that the notion of finding the value in different religious traditions really, really resonates with them because they're not close minded, they're curious. at the same time we've also talked about not simply accepting everything, that pi doesn't have a kind of touchy feely kind of faith. and he understands that there are kernels of truth, and the same kernel of truth, in all of these belief systems. >> reporter: from noah and the ark to the garden of eden, bible stories echo through the life of pi. the name of the ship, tsimtsum, come
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